Do you like eggs and don’t eat them because of the myths spread among the people?  But we are here to give you information about the myths you believed till now. Eggs are the most nutritious and convenient food on the planet. Eggs are packed with Proteins and range of 18 vitamins and minerals. Almost all eggs are edible but mostly hen’s eggs are most commonly consumed. Eggs are the powerhouse of nutrition and energy but there are some myths about the egg being unhealthy for heart and increasing cholesterol. Here are the true facts about eggs:-

  • Eggs don’t increase the blood cholesterol level

Eating eggs should not be avoided because they are the high source of proteins. You can eat the egg-white which doesn’t contain much fat. You can have 2-3 eggs per day. It is better that you eat eggs in winters.

    • Which egg should you choose? White or brown?

    The different eggshells color comes from the pigments, the hens produce. So the color of eggs doesn’t make a difference at all. Both white and brown eggs contain same nutritional values.

    • Eating eggs don’t cause heart disease

    Do you know, eating eggs and heart diseases aren’t connected? Eating not more than 3 eggs per day would not increase the risk of heart problems. However, if you eat the high amount of eggs, it can be hazardous for you.

    • Don’t eat raw eggs

    Due to the presence of salmonella bacteria in egg yolks, egg whites also get contaminated. So never consume raw eggs. Eat them after boiling or cooking.


    • Buy eggs from farmers or grocery stores?

    Don’t think that by buying eggs from farmers would give you confirmation that you won’t get salmonella bacteria in farm eggs but farm eggs have definitely less cholesterol, less saturated fats, increased vitamin A,  D, and E.


    • Stronger muscles

    The Protein found in eggs keeps our muscles strong while reducing the rate at which they are lost. If you want to gain weight you can eat eggs to make your muscles stronger.

    • Healthier brain

    Eggs contain vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of nervous system, memory, and metabolism.  The brain works better when you eat one egg per day.

    • Healthy immune system

    Vitamin A, selenium and vitamin B-12 are known to keep the immune system healthy.

    • Skin and hair benefits

    There are some vitamins and minerals which help in preventing the breakdown of body tissues, that’s why egg masks are applied on the face. Egg masks are also applied on hairs which boost the growth of our hairs and make them shiny and bouncy because eggs contain protein and protein is required for better growth of hairs.

    • Weight loss and maintenance

     The healthy qualities of egg-white which keep us energized and leave our stomach feeling full. When we feel full, it prevents snacking which prevents us from eating high-calorie food.

    So, you can see eggs have much more benefits than disadvantages. They are a known to be fulfilling healthy food.