In the normal life, people love coffee in homes, offices, cafes and other places. Caffeine an active ingredient present in coffee is considered to be an addiction for consumers. The addiction for Caffeine allows you to consume higher doses regularly. According to the reports, some of the heavy coffee drinkers may not be able to sleep without drinking coffee regularly.

The reports of National Coffee Association depicts, that more than 400 million cups of coffee are consumed by Americans every day. According to these facts, a single person is consuming about 300 mg of caffeine. On the other hand, the people consuming energy drinks are consuming about 500 mg of caffeine which is a larger number as compared to people having coffee on a normal day.

Caffeine as a drug:

Caffeine is considered as a powerful drug that is used to stimulate the brain. It is considered as one of the most powerful psychoactive drugs available on the planet.  Giving up Caffeine is not easy due to the side effects and the series of circumstances followed. Some of the people may suffer from the problem of insomnia without the dose of caffeine.

According to the reports of Forbes, caffeine is quite similar to adenosine that is a biochemical component working in the human brain for modulation of neuron functioning. Our nervous system depends on adenosine component for the regular functions of the brain.

Caffeine works to block the functions of adenosine in the brain. It stimulates to release the pleasing combinations of some natural Chemicals of the brain after half an hour of consuming coffee. Some of the brain chemicals released after use of coffee are given below:

  • Pain-killer dopamine

  • Cell-exciter glutamate

  • Energy-boosting adrenaline

  • Dopamine-enhancer serotonin

Due to the long-term use of caffeine, there will be more brain entropy in the user. Benefit of Caffeine is it help in generating new younger cells of brain in the case when old brain cells die. Due to the result of this process, there will be fast signal processing in the brain. It will also help in memory improvement and cognition improvement in the brain.

If we understand it in the general terms, coffee will help to improve verbal IQ. It will also improve the abilities to solve the problems. With regular use of coffee, people get protection from thinking disabilities in the older ages.

At the present time, scientists are still making researches on the overall effects of caffeine on the mind. There may be many more benefits as well as side effects of caffeine consumed in daily life by the people. Today, lots of drinks are available in the market including coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks and much more where caffeine is present to provide a boost to the energy and mind of drinkers. However, you should always keep it in control if you want to avoid the side effects including addiction, Insomnia and much more in your life.