The 1983 World Cup successful skipper urged Indians to remain indoors throughout the lockdown as he feels it is the one solution to fight Covid-19 which has claimed 1000’s of lives internationally.

“You are supposed to stay at home. So, stay at home. It is the least one can do to help the competent and relevant authorities to fight this life-threatening virus,” Kapil instructed Sportstar.

He urged the lockdown, which can be difficult for a lot of, must be taken in a optimistic approach because it provides folks time with their households.

“It can be taken in a positive way. Lockdown or Stay at Home. You have to challenge yourself to accept this situation. You have the world inside your home – your family. You have means of entertaining yourself – books, TV, music. Best is the interaction you have with your family members.”

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Like many sportsperson throughout the globe, Kapil, who has taken up golf after retirement, additionally revealed what’s preserving him busy at dwelling.

“I sweep the house, clean the garden. My little garden is now my golf course also. I am getting to spend so much time with my family. Something that I had missed in the last so many years,” he mentioned

“I give the cook a break and cook for everyone. I take turns to do the dishes. I had learnt all this while playing in England when Romi (his wife) would join me.”

The 61-year-old mentioned this powerful section will make the folks extra accountable.

“People would remember the lessons in hygiene now. Hope they will learn to wash their hands, vow not to spin and urinate in public. We have to keep the surroundings clean.”

“Wish we had learnt these lessons earlier but hope this generation will not make those mistakes. I was lucky I could pick lessons from my seniors in cricket and am thankful to them,” he added.

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Kapil concluded with the idea that India will overcome the scenario and win the battle in opposition to coronavirus by staying collectively.

“I always believe in being positive. In cricket you get out for zero after scoring a century in the preceding innings. You end up wicketless after having done your best in the previous spells.”

“I’ve learn and heard how the human race has fought and set examples when coping with disaster. India”s power lies in our tradition – taking care of one another and caring for elders. We need to look to assist the seniors.

“I do know we’ll win this battle by staying collectively and strengthening the arms of our authorities and docs by staying indoors.”

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