Patel additionally mentioned the IPL 2020 and even part of it may very well be staged overseas because the BCCI is exploring all choices to conduct the match this 12 months itself.

“We are ready to go ahead with the IPL. But we can start planning the schedule formally only after the official announcement is made on the T20 World Cup. On our part, we’ve already earmarked the September-October window for the tournament to be played,” Patel was quoted as saying by the ToI.

Patel, probably the most senior cricket directors within the nation, mentioned BCCI has saved in thoughts the choice of taking the IPL 13 abroad.

“We have to watch how things are going to play out over the next one month from a Covid perspective. We don’t mind shifting the IPL to another country, either in part or in full. There are other aspects to be considered here,” he mentioned.

“Suppose we shift just the first leg out of the country, we will have to go through a quarantine when we fly there. But we may probably also have to go through another quarantine when we’re back for the India leg, if Covid doesn’t relent. Or who knows, by October things will be different. Let’s see. Right now, we’re not ruling out the idea of playing the whole tournament overseas,” Patel mentioned.

Sri Lanka and the UAE have already expressed their need to host the IPL however as issues stand now UAE is the frontrunner as a result of one leg of IPL has already been staged there in 2014. Additionally, the stadiums in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are far-off from the town, making it simpler to observe safety and well being protocols and people areas even have bio-secure zones.

And the climate within the UAE too might be much more conducive to play cricket within the September-November window as monsoon might be prevalent within the Indian sub-continent at the moment. Patel mentioned such logistical facets ought to be fastidiously studied earlier than arriving at a call to stage the IPL 2020.

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