Hussain had earlier spoken about how robust Ganguly-led Team India have been on Star Sports present “Cricket Connected”. To which Gavaskar reacted through a column for Mid-Day.

“Nasser (Hussain) went on to say that earlier the team would be wishing the opposition good morning and smiling at them etc. See this perception: That if you are nice then you are weak. That unless you are in the face of the opposition, you are not tough,” Gavaskar wrote.

“Is he suggesting that Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag, VVS Laxman, Anil Kumble, Harbhajan Singh to name just a few were not tough? That just because they went about their business without any chest-thumping, swearing, screaming and pumping their arms in obscene gestures, they were weak?”

Gavaskar additional questioned about Hussain’s data of the Indian groups earlier than Ganguly was appointed captain within the yr 2000.

“And what does he know of the toughness of the teams in the seventies and eighties, which won overseas as well as at home to make that statement? Yes, Ganguly was a top captain, taking over the reins at a most delicate time in Indian cricket, but to say that earlier teams were not tough is nonsense,” Gavaskar mentioned.

“It’s about time the TV guys stopped using head-nodders when aspersions are cast on our cricket history and use people who will stand up and counter this bullying which actually consolidates the perception that we are too nice and therefore not tough.”

Hussain had earlier mentioned Team India have been little doubt gifted, however have been too good earlier than Ganguly took over because the captain.

“I’ve at all times mentioned, and it is a generalisation, however I’ve at all times mentioned about Ganguly, that he made India a harder facet. So, earlier than Ganguly, there have been very gifted facet, however you felt they have been additionally a pleasant facet – very all the way down to earth, would meet you with morning greetings, morning Nasser, it was a really nice expertise.

“Playing towards a Ganguly facet, you knew you have been in a battle, you knew that Ganguly understood the fervour of Indian cricket followers and it wasn’t only a recreation of cricket. It was extra essential than a recreation of cricket. He was feisty and he picked feisty cricketers whether or not it will be Harbhajan or Yuvraj or whoever – feisty in your face cricketers – that if you met him away from the sport, have been pretty, good. Sourav’s like that.

Hussain additionally mentioned he hated Ganguly as the previous Indian captain used to make him look forward to the toss earlier than the match.

“When I played against Sourav, I hated him, he used to make me wait for the toss every single time and I’ll be like, Ganguly, it’s 10.30, we have to toss. But now I work with him for the last decade on commentary, he’s such a nice, calm, he’s still late for his commentary stints, but he is a lovely bloke. And that’s the way cricketers should be. When you play with him or against him, you don’t like him and when you meet up with him later in life, they’re nice people.”

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