In the continued Test sequence between England and West Indies, which has marked resumption of worldwide cricket, three opinions are awarded per innings, one additional than ordinary.

“‘The umpire is always right and you don’t argue with his decision’ used to be the first lesson a young cricketer was taught. This admirable exercise in discipline and self-control is now not applicable as the introduction of DRS is encouraging a form of player dissent,” Chappell wrote for ESPNcricinfo.

The 76-year-old, who has scored 5345 runs in 75 Tests for Australia, cited the instance of the present sequence in England to point out how the DRS is being manipulated and devalued.

“The look of disdain on the face of umpire Richard Kettleborough after three of his selections have been overturned early on day two of the primary Test between England and West Indies, was ample proof of his emotions in regards to the system at that second.

“My sympathies have been with Kettleborough, one of many higher umpires on the worldwide panel. And with the return to a 3rd evaluation within the pandemic period, there are indicators the system is being manipulated,” Chappell stated referring to the know-how that was used for the primary time in 2008.

The Indian cricket board didn’t place confidence in the DRS for a very long time earlier than it embraced the know-how.

Chappell stated the system ought to by no means have allowed gamers to be part of decision-making.

“There was a time when the BCCI distrusted the DRS. I’m now not in lock-step with the BCCI on this as a result of I nonetheless do not have a lot religion within the DRS…Right from the outset the DRS ought to have been positioned within the palms of the umpires; gamers should not be a part of the decision-making course of,” he wrote.

“And the gear and personnel concerned within the DRS needs to be managed and employed by the cricket authorities and never the tv manufacturing firm. The DRS – correctly constituted – is a crucial ingredient in cricket decision-making; it isn’t a part of the day”s leisure.

“There have already been some cynical examples of DRS use in the series between England and West Indies that epitomise how far the system has been devalued. It’s time the DRS was the subject of a thorough overhaul,” added Chappell.

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