During a chat together with his fellow India teammate Mayank Agarwal, the Delhi cricketer recalled the time when he was disgusted by wanting himself and determined to go for a change after IPL 2012. He even insisted that Indians have been nonetheless behind others when it comes to health ranges by that point which bothered him.

“Had to do with the game completely. 2012 IPL I came back home, saw myself, I was disgusted and I wanted to change myself and also to do with the fact that I saw how the dynamics of cricket around the world were changing rapidly. I felt we were far behind in terms of being at the same intensity level as other teams, they were moving far ahead of us in terms of fitness levels,” the Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper advised Mayank in a chat on his present Open Nets with Mayank.

“The ability to bring that intensity in every session, every spell, every hour of batting, even in fielding sessions, stoping that one run or having that magical run-out. They were just able to do it with so much regularity that we were not able to keep up with that,” the Indian skipper added.

Kohli went on revealing that in IPL 2012 he had a poor eating regimen and used to complete a pack of 40 toffees inside 4-5 days. The explosive right-handed batsman mentioned he had a behavior of consuming something in entrance of him and was additionally sleeping closely which wanted to alter. And his poor run in IPL 2012 season compelled a change in his mindset and pushed him to start out coaching.

“So that really bothered me what can we do to change that particular process and it had to start at an individual level first. And that realisation came to me after IPL 2012 when I was eating like anything in front of me. ITC Gardenia where we used to stay, they had a packet of eclairs toffees and they would refill the mini-bar every time and I would finish a pack in say 4-5 days time. That was a pack of 40 toffees so that was my diet at the time,” mentioned Kohli.

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