The scorers have written a mail to the MCA secretary (a duplicate of which is in possession of PTI).

“With a new rule, 17 of the BCCI scorers were also deemed as retired from previous season, having attained the age of 60 years. For these scorers, it is a complete stoppage of income by way of match fees from BCCI matches,” the letter said.

Last 12 months, BCCI retired quite a few scorers and since it is not a around the 12 months job, the world’s richest cricket board would not need to make use of scorers on a full-time foundation.

“Under the circumstances, we appeal to you, to take up our case with the BCCI with the requests that the Board should have a medical group insurance policy for all scorers, active as well as retired,” the mail said.

According to the scorers, the BCCI ought to assist them with a lump sum ex gratia quantity, in circumstances of emergency, to each energetic and retired scorers.

“Have a proper retirement policy with a fixed monthly pension scheme and / or a one time payment on retirement of scorers to supplement the retired scorers’ income,” it said.

The scorers cited the case of retired MCA scorer Ramesh Parab from Mumbai who was affected by Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and was within the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for over 35 days.

Secondly, they cited the case of Kousik Saha of Kolkata, misplaced the battle of life within the hospital after affected by diabetes and suffered from cardiac arrest. “The retired scorers are separately taking up their issue with BCCI individually but if the state associations write and take up these issues with BCCI, there is better weightage as well as importance to it,” the mail learn.

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