The PowerBatTM expertise from Spektacom makes use of an ultra-lightweight bank card sized sticker that may be simply pasted on the again of the bat to get actual time suggestions on batting efficiency, together with knowledge on bat velocity, affect location, twist, and energy. It allows skilled cricketers to measure, monitor, and improve their efficiency repeatedly.

“The PowerBatTM technology enables players to bring in a completely new dimension to their match preparation and performance, by objectively measuring every shot played, in real time,” stated Abhishek Binaykia, Chief Product Officer at Spektacom.

“We are excited to be associated with the Kings XI franchise and look forward to working with the players to further enhancing their power hitting capabilities in IPL 2020”

“The data from Spektacom’s PowerBatTM technology helps our analysts and coaches maximize the outcomes from a cricketing shot, personalize player drills, and optimize batting techniques,” stated Satish Menon, CEO at Kings XI.

“We are able to derive great insights into how a batsman is playing different types of bowlers and bowling lengths, and use the technology to fine tune their batting skills,” he stated.

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