He is the youngest double century maker in List A cricket and has emerged one of many stars of the ICC Under-19 World Cup earlier this yr. The expertise and the matching performances have earned Jaiswal a contract with the Rajasthan Royals for the IPL 2020.

In a chat with BBC Test Match Special podcast, Jaiswal opened up on so many little identified elements of his life favorite Bollywood film and wanting to fulfill Hollywood star Kate Winslet.

“MS Dhoni (the Untold Story) film is really nice, it inspires me a lot. My favourite movie is Titanic. Kate Winslet, I love her so much, I just want to meet her someday. My heart will go on. I’m a romantic guy that’s why,” he stated within the podcast.

Jaiswal stated he couldn’t sleep after scoring a double hundred within the List A cricket. “Before that night, I didn’t sleep, I was playing all the game in my head and after that night also I didn’t sleep because I played really well,” he stated.

Jaiswal stated he labored in a diary outlet in Mumbai after migrating from Uttar Pradesh to make the ends meet.

“When I was working at the dairy shop, they were paying me to do work because without work you can’t stay there. Because I was doing hard work on my cricket and I get tired then I didn’t do anything. And he was like if you are not doing anything, you can’t stay here. He just threw my bag out. I was like please let me be here for the night because I don’t know where to go. I was actually alone at the time. That was a really hard moment for me.”

“Next day I didn’t know where to go, so I called Pappu sir, he was my coach, I called him and he said just come to my home. Then I went to his house, sleep there for at least two or three months. However, there was no space so I had to find a new house. So, my sir said if I want to live in a tent then I have to score runs in this match. So, it was very crucial for me like I had to perform in this match and I did,” the 18-year-old Jaiswal stated.

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